Raspberry & chambord opera cake

This fabulous cake was the result of a lost bet (I was hoping to win and receive a chocolate chip banana bread)! I wasn’t so lucky … however, the two days’ work (including chilling overnight) was well worth it. I trusted the one and only Mary Berry, using her recipe from BBC Food.

4pic (2)

What you’ll need*

1. chambord syrup = 100g caster sugar + 2tbps chambord (Mary uses kirsch)
2. jaconde sponge = 3 egg whites (use yolks for crème au beurre) + 15g caster sugar + 100g ground almonds + 100g icing sugar + 3 whole eggs + 30g plain flour + 30g unsalted butter
3. chocolate ganache = 100ml double cream + 100g dark chocolate
4. crème au beurre = 3 egg yolks + 75g caster sugar + 225g unsalted butter + 2tsp vanilla paste
5. decoration = 40 small raspberries + 200g seedless raspberry jam

 20141025_134947444_iOS 20141025_140648476_iOS 20141025_140350075_iOS 20141025_151427072_iOS

(*adapted from Mary Berry’s recipe on BBC Food)

How to make it

1. chambord syrup: small pan. add sugar. pour over 200ml water. medium heat until sugar dissolves. simmer for 4-5mins (1/2 volume remaining). remove from heat. add chambord. cool.

20141025_133610339_iOS 20141025_133653880_iOS 20141025_134317310_iOS 

oven on: 200 fan

2. jaconde sponge [egg whites]: large bowl. whisk egg whites. stiff peaks. add caster sugar 1tsp at a time. whisk between each addition. cling. set aside.

20141025_135224571_iOS 20141025_135441086_iOS 20141025_135721281_iOS 20141025_140019352_iOS

3. jaconde sponge [batter]: large bowl. ground almonds, icing sugar & eggs. whisk for 3-5mins. double volume.

20141025_140555084_iOS 20141025_140658048_iOS 20141025_141243197_iOS 20141025_142114587_iOS

4. jaconde sponge [batter]: sift flour. fold flour into batter. fold in egg whites (3 batches). pour melted butter down side of bowl. fold until incoporated.

20141025_142412570_iOS 20141025_142549992_iOS 20141025_142850714_iOS 20141025_143133101_iOS

5. jaconde  sponge [cook]: grease & line 33x23cm swiss roll tin. pour in batter. level surface with palette knife. bake for 5-7mins. pale, golden-brown, springy. turn onto baking parchment covered cooling rack. peel off base baking parchment. cool.

20141025_134752857_iOS 20141025_143255386_iOS 20141025_143428801_iOS 20141025_144557335_iOS 20141025_144718611_iOS 20141025_144957092_iOS 20141025_145110775_iOS

6. chocolate ganache: small pan. add cream. heat gently until just bubbling. remove from heat. add chocolate. stir. smooth & glossy. pour into bowl. cool.

20141025_145738582_iOS 20141025_150003934_iOS 20141025_150146023_iOS 20141025_150425725_iOS 20141025_150914948_iOS

7. crème au beurre: pan. gentle heat. dissolve sugar w/ 3tbsp water. boil. 110 degrees. large bowl. egg yolks. whisk slowly. pour in sugar syrup. continue whisking. thick & mousse-like. add butter (few cubes at a time). continue whisking. add vanilla.

20141025_152306543_iOS 20141025_152558325_iOS 20141025_153958247_iOS 20141025_151433482_iOS 20141025_154504371_iOS 20141025_151522436_iOS 20141025_154527057_iOS

8. construct: slice sponge horizontally. slice sponge vertically. 1 sponge onto cake board. brush on 1/4 chambord syrup. spread 1/3 crème. another sponge. 1/4 chambord syrup. chocolate ganache. sponge. 1/4 chambord syrup. 1/3 crème. final sponge. remaining syrup. what’s left of crème…

… arrange raspberries in rows. brush over melted jam. refrigerate (2 hours/overnight).

20141025_155429881_iOS 20141025_155756384_iOS 20141025_160731794_iOS 20141025_161325937_iOS 20141025_161513013_iOS 20141025_162245567_iOS 20141025_155618895_iOS 20141025_163135891_iOS

9. tidy up & decorate: trim edges (these are a delicious éclair-like treat for the chef!) layers are revealed.

20141026_093415671_iOS 20141026_093522790_iOS 20141026_093644194_iOS

10. admire handiwork: (no instructions required!)

20141026_094100143_iOS 20141026_094036364_iOS 20141026_101856492_iOS 20141026_101940316_iOS

Serve in smallish blocks (it is quite rich, and this way all your hard work will last longer!)

20141026_102324271_iOS 20141026_102223658_iOS 20141026_102312979_iOS 20141026_102003018_iOS


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