Profiteroles with vanilla cream and chocolate sauce

Since watching éclair week on GBBO, I have been thinking about trying choux pastry.  And so, for a Saturday treat, I decided to try baking profiteroles. Despite horror stories all over Google about the pastry not rising, I think my attempt was somewhat successful. My only tip would be to pipe the pastry, rather than spooning which I found led to quite uneven buns.


What you’ll need*

1. choux buns = 200ml water + 4tbsp caster sugar + 85g unsalted butter + 115g plain flour + pinch salt + 3 medium eggs
2. vanilla cream = 600ml double cream + vanilla paste
3. chocolate sauce = 100ml water + 80g caster sugar + 100g milk chocolate + 100g dark chocolate

(*see bbc food for full recipe)

How to make it

oven on: 200 fan | place small roasting tin inside to heat

1. Choux pastry (wet): water, butter & sugar into large saucepan. heat gently until butter is melted.

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2. Flour: sift flour onto a piece of baking paper. add pinch salt.

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3. Choux pastry (dry): turn up saucepan heat. pour in flour & salt in one go. remove from heat. beat vigorously until smooth. transfer into large bowl to cool for 10 mins.

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4. Choux pastry (eggs): beat eggs together. beat eggs (a bit at a time) into cooled choux pastry. mixture should be soft dropping consistency. there may be some egg leftover.

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5. Choux buns (prepare & bake): spoon dollops of pastry mix onto greased baking tray. (note: I would instead pipe them in future. they expand a lot in the oven so start small!). rub top of each with wet finger. place baking tray into oven. pour 1/2 cup water into preheated roasting tin. quickly close oven door. bake for 25-30 mins until golden brown.

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6. Choux buns (dry & cool): turn off oven and remove baking tray. skewer hole in bottom of each bun and place back on tray with bottoms up. put back in warm oven for 5 mins. take out and cool on wire racks.

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7.  Vanilla cream: whisk cream to soft peaks. add small amount of vanilla paste to taste. pipe into cold choux buns (note: I recommend using baking parchment for your piping bag as greaseproof paper had a tendency to split).

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8. Chocolate Sauce: heat sugar & water in small saucepan. heat gently to dissolve sugar & make a syrup. place bowl over simmering syrup. break chocolate into bowl to melt. take melted chocolate off the heat. pour syrup into melted chocolate. stir until smooth.

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9. Serve: place profiteroles onto serving plate. pour over chocolate sauce.


We found these were even better the next day! Store in a sealed container in the fridge.


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