White chocolate and raspberry cookies

In preparation for a bake sale at work on Monday, I decided to make my favourite cookies. This recipe is from the Carnation website, and it’s the magic ingredient of condensed milk that makes them so delicious!


What you’ll need*

1. cookie ingredients = 225g unsalted butter + 225g caster sugar + 170g condensed milk + 350g self-raising flour + 150g white chocolate + 175g raspberries

(*see CARNATION For full recipe)
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How to make it

oven on: 160 fan

1. Cookie dough [wet]: cream butter, sugar & condensed milk. beat/whisk until light & pale.

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2. Cookie dough [dry]fold in flour.

20141005_110057127_iOS 20141005_110406562_iOS

2. Chocolate: break chocolate into blender. blitz into small chunks. mix into cookie dough.

20141005_110605038_iOS 20141005_110713455_iOS 20141005_110839064_iOS

3. Prepare: take small pieces of dough. flatten into circle. wrap around one raspberry. roll into ball.

20141005_112011619_iOS 20141005_112040768_iOS 20141005_125139000_iOS 20141005_125145000_iOS

4. bake: space out dough balls on lined baking sheets. bake in batches for 15 mins. golden brown at the edges & still soft in the middle. leave to cool. cool further on racks.

20141005_120216415_iOS 20141005_125057000_iOS

The cookies should be delightfully chewy, with crispy edges. The raspberry inside is a gorgeous surprise each time.


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