Raspberry and pistachio macarons

On a monthly basis, my team at work has lunch together, and someone brings in a bake. This week was my turn! I decided to bake something I’d never tried before, and they turned out to be more fiddly than expected. Had a great Sunday baking, and 7 hours later had some fabulous (even if I do say so myself) macarons.


What you’ll need*

1. macaron shells = 350g icing sugar + 250g ground hazelnuts + 240g egg white (6 large) + 150g caster sugar + green & pink gel food colourings
2. pistachio butter-cream = 100g icing sugar + 150g unsalted butter + ground pistachios
3. white chocolate and raspberry ganache** = 100g white chocolate + 50ml double cream + 45g raspberries

(*see dELICIOUS for full recipe)

How to make it

oven on: 140 fan

1. Prepare: line baking sheets. draw 3cm circles across paper.


repeat steps 2, 3 & 4 with half of the ingredients, for pink and green shells separately

2. Almonds & sugar: blend icing sugar and almonds in food processor. sift fine mixture.

01508558ac24869487ac90a0f004bf4332ea73abfd 0107863012953cf6ae65c4f70b6aa2ffbf965ece04

3. Egg white meringue: separately whisk whites to soft peaks. gradually add caster sugar. whisk through drops of food colouring. fold in half of almond mixture. fold in second half of almond mixture. be gentle. mixture will collapse.

01fafd0772551b214001cf3117f7bbd4802c7aab3a 01b777e14a68eee99d9d03bea3deaada835b8d714f 0100ef43ab2cd3a4fe3b65daf446086d3fdc504427

4. Bake: pipe* circles of mixture onto prepared baking sheets. bake each sheet for 7mins. open oven door. bake for further 7mins. allow to cool before moving. transfer to cooling rack.


019a19e5b78e882e91b6cb0181d09acdb1ad5e1008 0125e8bd4962df329c501499ffa370c794ea30bbb8 0115ce7c7e9d7ff3942e33d77ca56e10ef592fcd5b

5. Pistacho butter-cream: beat softened butter. beat in icing sugar. add drops of dye. fold in ground pistachios.


 6.  White chocolate & raspberry ganache: bring cream to boil. take off heat. add chocolate and leave. mix until smooth. leave to cool and refrigerate. fold in pieces of raspberry.

011ae1bab31d1feb28976369ece0eba627b180a3b0 0121f0e63c1a4048321a742a9344fbc98301d14a13 01dc0326dcbf2b620fc0774cbc55a858710900f7d4  

7. Construct: lay out the cooled shells in pairs (one of each pair upturned). pipe pistachio butter-cream onto upturned green shells. pipe ganache onto pink shells. sandwich together pairs of matching shells. refrigerate.

0122504977d43ee21622883a49cd215247e96a3082 0168612c0aa593fe613a3971b8e5c64840e71d3fa6

I kept these delights refrigerated overnight, and took them out about 30mins before eating. They start to melt down and collapse slightly if left out of the fridge for too long.

0142c0f192b1fb622bab0715aa5d090dd632d7d227 019df2a50d13b8761a3636a8d972814f375c81f497


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