S’more brownies (gluten free)

A real treat … rich chocolate brownies with a biscuit base and grilled marshmallow topping.  This recipe is a combination of the gluten free Doves Farm brownies and Food Network s’more brownies.  So they were suitable for my flatmate to enjoy I made these with gluten free biscuits and gluten free flour.


What you’ll need*

1. biscuit base = (gluten free) digestive biscuits [170g] + butter [80g] + sugar [2tbsp] + salt [pinch] + white chocolate chunks
2. brownies = butter [100g] + dark chocolate [150g] + (gluten free) plain flour [100g] + caster sugar [100g] + soft brown sugar [100g] + eggs  [3] + baking powder [1tsp] + vanilla extract [1tsp]
3. marshmallow topping = white marshmallows

(*based on food network and doves farm recipes)

20140526_172735000_iOS 20140526_172826000_iOS 20140526_172810000_iOS

How to make it

oven on: 160 fan

1. Biscuit base: crush biscuits. mix in melted butter. stir in sugar and pinch salt. press into lined tin. bake for 20mins. sprinkle over white chocolate chunks.

20140526_172738000_iOS 20140526_172746000_iOS 20140526_172759000_iOS 20140526_172749000_iOS      

2. Brownies [wet]: melt butter and chocolate. stir in sugar. mix eggs and vanilla.  beat until smooth.

20140526_172802000_iOS 20140526_172806000_iOS  20140526_172814000_iOS 20140526_172818000_iOS

3. Brownies [dry]: separately mix flour and baking powder. stir into wet ingredients. mix until shiny.

20140526_172821000_iOS  20140526_172830000_iOS

4. Cook: pour onto biscuit base. bake for 30-35min.

20140526_172834000_iOS 20140526_172838000_iOS 20140526_172842000_iOS

5. Marshmallow topping: slice marshmallows. lay on top of brownies. heat under hot grill.

20140526_172845000_iOS 20140526_172848000_iOS 20140526_172851000_iOS

Allow the marshmallow to cool. Slice the brownies into squares. I found this easiest with a hot knife (pour boiling water over the knife between each slice).

These lasted well in sealed boxes. Especially yummy heated up in microwave for 30 seconds.

20140526_172853000_iOS 20140526_172727000_iOS


2 thoughts on “S’more brownies (gluten free)

  1. Hi, I tried this recipe yesterday and the brownies turned out yummy! But the biscuit base and brownie layer didn’t quite stick together though ): where did I go wrong? Was it because I baked the biscuit crust first (for about 15mins) before adding the brownie layer?

    • Hi Roo, glad you thought it was yummy! I definitely baked the biscuit layer a bit first too, so I am not sure why it didn’t stick. I added white chocolate chips between the two layers, if you had forgotten them it possibly wouldn’t have worked as well. It’s probably just a great excuse to try baking them again 🙂 Happy baking!

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