Sea bream w/ tomato salsa, chilli & anchovy veg

Browsing my copy of Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Cooking Course, looking for something light and healthy, I came across his lovely recipe for Sea Bream with Tomato and Herb Salsa.  I decided I wanted to serve it with some greens, and attempted to copy Hawksmoor’s Broccoli with Chilli and Anchovy.


What you’ll need*

1. sea bream = 2 * sea bream fillets + olive oil

2. tomato, olive & herb salsa = olive oil + cherry tomatoes + black olives + coriander + basil + lemon

3. chilli & anchovy veg = sprouting broccoli + green beans + lemon + chilli + anchovy fillet

(*sea bream recipe from Gordon ramsay’s ultimate cookery course)

20140517_174631531_iOS 20140517_174643089_iOS 20140517_175233728_iOS

How to make it

1. Tomato, olive & herb salsa: heat oil. add tomatoes. add olives. season. stir over low heat for 2mins. add herbs. set aside. add juice of half lemon.

20140517_175726525_iOS 20140517_175802591_iOS 20140517_180100117_iOS 20140517_180138608_iOS

2. Chilli & anchovy veg: steam broccoli & beans. 3 mins. add anchovy. add chilli. stir. add juice of half lemon. keep warm.

20140517_180444160_iOS 20140517_180605140_iOS 20140517_181002096_iOS

3.  Sea Bream: slash skin. heat oil (hot). add skin-side down. season. 2 mins. flip. 1 min.

20140517_180823198_iOS 20140517_181455813_iOS 20140517_181739980_iOS

4. Serve: salsa. top with fish. veg on side.

20140517_182038462_iOS 20140517_182020508_iOS 20140518_172935000_iOS

Enjoy, on lap trays in front of TV, watching Britain’s Got Talent!

20140517_182457291_iOS 20140517_182202093_iOS 1


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