Chocolate, hazelnut and salted caramel tart

This weekend I had a great time doing some baking!  The BBC Good Food’s recipe for Chocolate, hazelnut and salted caramel tart tickled my fancy – and the 5* reviews made giving it a go irresistible!


What you’ll need*

1. hazelnut pastry = ground hazelnuts + plain flour + icing sugar + cold butter + egg yolk + chopped hazelnuts
2. salted caramel = caster sugar + butter + double cream + golden syrup + sea salt flakes
3. chocolate filling = dark chocolate + butter + eggs + egg yolk + caster sugar + cocoa

(*see bbc good food for full recipe)

How to make it

oven on: 160 fan

1. Hazelnut pastry: rub flour, ground hazelnuts and butter to form breadcrumbs. mix in icing sugar and cut through mixture to form ball of pastry. roll out. line tin. prick with fork. blind bake with beans for 20 mins. without beans for further 10.

20140510_132507921_iOS 20140510_133126416_iOS 20140510_141235492_iOS 20140510_141525762_iOS

2. Salted caramel: heat sugar with 2tbsp water. increase heat and cook until golden*. reduce heat. add butter, cream and syrup. stir. remove from heat. add salt. spread on cooled pastry case. sprinkle over chopped hazelnuts.

20140510_142910566_iOS 20140510_151646627_iOS

(*I love Top With CINNAMON’S step-by-step guide to making salted caramel)

3.  Chocolate filling: melt butter and chocolate. meanwhile whisk eggs, yolk and sugar. continue until thick and pale. fold melted mixture and cocoa into egg mixture. pour chocolate filling into tart case.

20140510_151644035_iOS 20140510_151654366_iOS 20140510_153107600_iOS

4. Cook: put on baking sheet. cook for 25 mins until set.

 20140510_170447000_iOS 20140510_170434000_iOS

Avoid temptation and allow to cool before tucking in!  We served ours with lightly whipped cream and strawberries.

20140510_170450000_iOS 20140510_170439000_iOS

Let me know what you think everyone – I’d love to hear from you as I’m just starting out.



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